Welcome to Jogo Vivo capoeira website!

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art which combines (and develops) agility, flexibility, balance, stamina, strategy, music and singing. It is a comprehensive sport but above all it is a state of mind, a philosophy; a window on the world with each roda providing opportunities to meet new people. There is no age limit to start capoeira. Every one has their own specificities and style which they will develop along its learning curve. You are all welcome to come and join our group.
We practice and play mostly at Jogo Vivo health club in Brussels, but many institutions, schools and private organizations have trust us to give classes. Among others: European Comission, Ecole Montessori Bruxelles (Kraainem), Ecole Eos (Etterbeek, Brussels), Ecole 't Regenboogje (Etterbeek, Brussels), Royal Aspria La Rasante (Woluwe St Lambert, Brussels), Maison de l'Amérique Latine (Ixelles, Brussels), Les Colipains (Braine-L'Alleud),...
You will find all the relevant informations about us by browsing this site. Axe!